"Please Remove The Money ASAP!" — Woman Shares Why Money Bouquets Are A Terrible Gift Idea

Instead, she suggests to either gift money or a flower bouquet.

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Thinking of taking an ordinary bouquet up a notch by replacing the roses with paper flowers made out of banknotes?

In a Facebook post published today, 22 March, a woman shared why a money bouquet is a terrible gift idea.

"If any of you have a money bouquet with banknotes folded into roses, please remove the money (from the bouquet) as soon as possible!" the woman who does not wish to be named in this article warned members of the public.

In the post, she attached four photos showing her bouquet and several crumpled RM100 notes.

"I stumbled across a post the other day and I saw banknotes in a bouquet were damaged after being left with flowers for too long," she related.

"So today, I decided to take mine part. It took me a lot of time to carefully remove (the banknotes from the bouquet)."

Image via Facebook

As a person with little patience, she said the process infuriated her

She said the person who assembled her paper flowers made out of banknotes used hot glue to make the design hold together, and in some parts, too much hot glue was used.

According to her, she left the bouquet untouched for merely two months. While she was removing the money from the bouquet, she could not help but damage some of the banknotes.

"If it was left longer, it could be more difficult to disassemble," the woman shared.

"Some florists use hot glue. Maybe you can choose other types of sticking method (to hold the paper flowers in place)."

Image via Facebook

However, the woman's best advice is to avoid gifting money bouquets altogether to save yourself the trouble

"To the men who want to gift a money bouquet to women, my personal advice is to either use another folding method or just give the money straight away," she said.

"It is either you gift (real) flowers or you gift money. Don't trouble yourself."

"Someone has to fold it, someone has to take it apart. And you have to pay for the labour fee."

"This kind of paper flowers made out of banknotes are not recommended at all," she added while laughing.

She said seeing the money getting crumpled made her feel unhappy.

Image via Facebook

Speaking to SAYS, she said the bouquet had 10 pieces of RM100 notes in total.

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 8,000 shares

In the comment section, thousands of netizens found the woman's advice amusing as well as practical at the same time.

"If you want to give me, just give me money. It's not suitable to give me a money bouquet because I can't bring myself to remove the banknotes," said a netizen while tagging her other half in the comment.

"Don't pay for the labour fee. Save that money and give it to me altogether," commented another person while tagging her friend.

Image via Facebook

"I received paper flowers made out of banknotes once and it took me two hours to remove the money. The banknotes were wrinkled. In the end, I scolded my husband. So, he changed his method next time by just placing the money on the bouquet. No banknotes were wrinkled and it's beautiful," commented one Facebook user while sharing photos of two different bouquets.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, one netizen shared photos of their money bouquets, saying that no hot glue or cables were used while assembling the bouquets.

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