[POLL] How Obsessed Are You With Social Media Compared To Other Malaysians?

Be honest, do you check your notifications in the middle of the night?

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According to research by YouGov, Malaysians spend almost a quarter of their day on social media

The research revealed that Malaysian social media users spend an average of five hours and forty-seven minutes a day on various platforms. That's how much Malaysians love social media! <3

If you're curious how much time you spend on social media, there are a few ways to keep track of your app usage

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For iPhone users, you can simply go to your settings and search for "Screen Time" to get a detailed breakdown of your screen time, most used apps, and number of times you picked up your phone.

Android users can also download apps like Digital Wellbeing that provide similar data. To check how much data your apps are using, you can also head over to your settings and select "Data Usage." This will give you a rough estimate on which apps you're spending most of your time on.

So how much social media do you actually use compared to other Malaysians? Take this poll to find out:

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