The Best Thing About 2019 Is McDonald's New Fish Prosperity Burger & RM1 Burger Coupons

*Cries in twister fries and black pepper sauce*

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You probably know by now that McDonald's Prosperity Burger is back. If you haven't savoured the iconic burger yet... what, are you living under a rock? :P

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Born in Malaysia, you could say that the Prosperity Burger is one of our national treasures.

Who doesn't love the juicy, succulent beef or chicken patty slathered in McDonald's signature black pepper sauce

Topped with crisp, fresh onions on a warm, fluffy sesame seed bun, the Prosperity Burger is the most anticipated burger every year

Sorry if this shot made you drool... It's just AS GOOD as it looks.

And just when you thought the Prosperity Burger couldn't get any better, McDonald's is upping their game with the addition of the brand new FISH Prosperity Burger!

A golden and crispy whole fish fillet dipped in the signature black pepper sauce, topped with fresh onions, all tucked in a warm sesame seed bun. Fire up your taste-buds and spice up your Chinese New Year with a whole new Prosperity Burger experience unlike ever before!

And of course, the Prosperity McFizz and Twister Fries are EVERYTHING (especially the fries, not gonna lie)

Pair the scrumptious burger with some well-seasoned Twister Fries, and a cold, refreshing Prosperity McFizz. These perfect partners will take your Prosperity Burger experience to a whole new level. :D

There's no better way to usher in the prosperous new year than catching up with friends and family over a Prosperity Burger

Besides the savoury meals, have you tried these sweet treats?

Image via McDonald's

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Lychee McFlurry or Lychee Sundae, a classic vanilla ice cream with a fruity touch that will leave your taste buds tingling.

If you feel like indulging in a warm dessert, switch from the classic Apple Pie and try this instead. Sink your teeth into the warm taro filling and relish the crispy crust with the Taro Pie!

Curious to know what other prosperous meal awaits you? You have to try out the new quiz "What is Your Prosperous McDonald’s Burger in 2019?"

With the new McDonald's Facebook App, you can find out what your Prosperous McDonald's Burger is for 2019 by doing a quiz! Will it be the Big Mac, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, or the Filet-O-Fish? 

We tried it out ourselves and it's super cute! 

The app will also be giving out RM1 burger coupons each time you play the quiz

The coupons are redeemable through all McDelivery platforms, so don't forget to screenshot and get yours!

Want to start winning those coupons? Then don't wait any longer, click here to play the quiz now!

Prosperity Burger, get in our bellies! Don't wait any longer, click here to order your very own Prosperity Burger now :D

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