[VIDEO] Leo Burnett Reminds Malaysians To Say PujiMak Instead Of…

"Sing praises, not rude phrases."

Cover image via PujiMak/Leo Burnett Malaysia

Mother's Day may be over but...

... Leo Burnett Malaysia decided to take a different spin to remind Malaysians to honour their mothers for the next 364 days.

The marketing and creative agency wants to see Malaysians change the way we speak about our mothers. Stop using that Malaysian slang 'puk#mak' and instead 'PujiMak', which literally means "praise (your) mother" in Malay.

"Let's sing praises, not say rude phrases!"

For those of you who are wondering, the word 'puki' is a crude slang word that means vagina in the Tagalog and Malay language and 'mak' means mother in Malay.

So when you put those two words together... you get the idea.

Leo Burnett Malaysia desires to see Malaysians change and stop using the curse word, so they thought long and hard to give an interesting twist to the vulgar slang.

"How can we continue to honour our mothers but not use her name in vain? We aimed to change how people use Mum’s name and praise her instead," the team told Marketing Magazine.

What better way to send the message than through a fun video?


Mother's Day is over. That doesn't mean the rudeness should start. Let's not use our mum's name in vain.

Posted by PujiMak on Monday, May 15, 2017

The team uploaded the video above to its newly created Facebook community page 'PujiMak' on 15 May, one day after Mother's Day this year. It went viral and has received more than 2,800 shares and 230,000 views as of today.

Prominent Malaysia personalities such as Youtubers Jinnyboy, Reuben Kang, and Arwind Kumar, stand-up comedians Phoon Chi Ho and Douglas Lim, and self-taught artist BlackFritilldea, all made special appearances in the video.

It's safe to say that 'PujiMak' is slowly catching on with local netizens

Image via Facebook

The Leo Burnett team told Marketing Magazine this is not a one-off thing as they will keep the buzz alive and sustain the value of the campaign by posting social posts on Facebook.

"We hope to inspire a movement among Malaysians to sing praises, not rude phrases."

So let's keep our mum's name clean, okay?

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Like Leo Burnett Malaysia, Lazada Singapore took an unconventional direction for Mother's Day this year:

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