[QUIZ] How Good Of A Driver Are You, Exactly?

Are you an expert behind the wheels or a danger to the road?

Cover image via SAYS via Universal Pictures

What are the things to be considered in order to be deemed as a good driver?! Is it good behaviour on the road, your driving record, or because someone told you so?

Although we might not have all the answers, we can still have fun trying to guess if you're a good driver! ;)

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Whether you're a fantastic driver or completely hopeless, you can bet to find comfort in the all-new Passat to be your best companion throughout your journeys

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Staying true to true to Volkswagen’s values of quality, innovation and environmental friendliness, the new Passat offers drivers enhanced connectivity, safety and comfort features

Always undergoing impressive technological improvements to be the premium executive sedan that it is today, the Passat's range of connectivity options now includes Bluetooth, telephone connectivity and audio streaming which allows Passat owners to wirelessly integrate a compatible mobile phone, offering hands-free communication. Its comfort features have been upgraded to include 12-way adjustable electric front seats and memory function for driver’s seat to ensure comfortable and fatigue-free travel, even on long journeys.

Available in 6 colour choices, the Passat now comes with 5 years free maintenance and are available for booking at all Volkswagen dealerships

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