[QUIZ] Can You Guess These Popular TV Programmes From A Single Screenshot?

If you watch a lot of TV, you need to nail this!

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Do you spend hours watching TV programmes every day?

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Well, you're gonna spend a lot more time watching TV with Astro's all-new Ultra Box, which features 4K UHD and more cool features! Scroll down below to find out more about it.

But first, it's time for a challenge! See how many of these TV programmes you can guess based on a single screenshot:

P.S. You can watch all these scenes on demand with Astro.

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If you didn’t manage to get all of them right, don’t worry. You can still stream your favourite TV programmes with Astro's newly launched Ultra Box.

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Astro Ultra Box is giving you a fresh, new way to enjoy your entertainment, which means you can binge-watch not just a whole season of your favourite TV series, but also over 50,000 videos on demand.

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You can even watch live football matches in ultra high definition!

*To enjoy 4K UHD viewing, you'll need a compatible 4K TV.

Here is what's to love about the all-new Astro Ultra Box:

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1. It comes with a fresh new interface.
Whether you're watching on your TV or with Astro Go, the new interface gives you content recommendations based on your viewing history. Everything you see on your 'Home' page is customised to your subscription - you can watch whatever you see!

2. It has various awesome viewing functions.
With Astro Ultra box, you’ll enjoy 200 free hours of HD recording to be stored on the Astro Cloud. You can record unlimited programmes concurrently. Plus, if you tune in midway through a programme, you can click the Play From Start icon to restart.

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3. Bring your entertainment along while you are on the go.
You can also view your programmes on multiple devices seamlessly via Astro GO - you can pause the programme you’re currently watching on one screen and continue on another device.

4. The new search function lets you search by actors.
Want to watch more of Chris Hemsworth? Just search his name, and you'll be able to find all the movies and TV shows he's acted in. You can search by title, cast, director, and channels.

*The best part is that you don't even need to own a 4K TV to use Astro Ultra Box. You'll get to enjoy all the cool functions mentioned above (except for the 4K UHD viewing) with any standard TV.

For a limited time only, Astro is offering a free upgrade to Ultra Box for existing customers with subscriptions above RM100

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Customers with monthly Astro subscription of RM100 and above can upgrade for free. Other customers will have to pay a RM199 installation fee.

If you're not yet an Astro subscriber, don't worry! Astro has all kinds of subscription and bundle offers, including broadband. Installation fees may apply.

Find out more about Astro Ultra Box on their website today

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