[QUIZ] How Well Do You Remember All The Nilai-Nilai Moral And Their Exact Definitions?

Don't worry, it's all multiple choice. :p

Cover image via SAYS

Remember the super pening times when we had to memorise all 36 nilai-nilai murni and their respective definisi for SPM Pendidikan Moral?

While our Muslim classmates studied their religion and got to deepen their spiritual knowledge, the rest of us were forced to memorise each and every word of the 36 moral values every time exam season rolls around.

"Each and every word" is not even hyperbole; miss out a word of any definition, and you might get a nice, red 'X' on your exam paper. 

Well, time to see how well you remember the nilai-nilai moral and their exact definitions! Don't worry, it's all multiple choice:

How did you do in the test? Let us know how much you scored in the comments section!

Not too happy with your results? 

Here's all 36 nilai-nilai moral and their definitions if you want to ulang kaji and retake the quiz. :p 

On the other hand, the Malay language has definitely evolved since our schooling days. Let's see if you're familiar with this modern BM words:

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