This Quiz On New Malay Words Is Tougher Than Any BM Paper You've Ever Taken

Time to find out if your BM vocab is up to date!

Cover image via Astro Awani / Bernama / SAYS

Bahasa Malaysia has evolved quite a bit since our schooling days. In fact, DBP (a.k.a. the guys in charge of Kamus Dewan) recently added several new words to the lexicon to accommodate modern terms like "selfie" and "viral":

So, think you know the right words to use the next time you wanna troll a "keyboard warrior" or look up a "trending" topic? Time to see how updated your Malay vocab is (no cheating ah!):

How did you do in the test? Let us know how much you scored in the comments section!

Didn't do too well? Time to brush up on your Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary then:

On that note, these list will make you question every Bahasa Malaysia word you've ever written: