[QUIZ] You're Not Malaysian Enough If You Can't Get 8/10 On This Quiz

Do you even know what a wau is?!

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How well do you know Malaysia?

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Hmmm... sure about that?

We've created a quiz to test your knowledge as a Malaysian

Wanna get some hints and tips before taking the test? Watch this video for clues to help you in the coming questions!

Ready to find out how Malaysian you are? Take this quiz now!

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So, how did you do?

Whatever your final score was, we can all agree that Malaysia is pretty fantastic! From the massive variety of delicious food to the picturesque beaches, hills, and waterfalls, our country kicks ass ;)

Celcom has launched a nationwide campaign called “Hebat Negaraku” to showcase the uniqueness and beauty of Malaysia – through culture, nature, and people.

Find out more about Celcom's #HebatNegaraku campaign here

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