[QUIZ] How 'Banana' Are You?

'Yellow' on the outside, 'white' on the inside.

Cover image via Kate Lovell via Vimeo

What exactly is a 'banana'? According to Urban dictionary, a 'banana' is an Asian person who acts like they are white a.k.a. yellow on the outside, white on the outside. In short, more 'ang moh' than Asian lah.

Image via ChineseHacks

A 'banana', or jook-sing as it is known in Cantonese, refers to a Chinese person was was born in a Western environment and/or strongly identifies with Western-centric culture, identities, and values compared to traditional Chinese ones.

So, do you think you are a 'banana'? If so, how much 'banana' DNA do you possess? Find out here:

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