16 Real Struggles Every Man Goes Through When Shopping With A Woman

The struggle is real.

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1. You're sleeping in on a Saturday morning after a long week at work only to be awaken by your partner with these dreaded words, "Let's go shopping, hun!"

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2. "You can go by yourself", you think in your head but you know you can never say that out loud. That's asking for trouble...

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3. So you drag yourself out of bed and pretend you're excited. "AW, YEAH! Let's..."

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4. You get changed and head to the mall with the love of your life. The parking is full. She wants to get down first so she doesn't "waste time". "Call me when you're upstairs!"

5. You finally find a spot! Wait, it's a Kancil hiding in between. You circle round the parking zone again...

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6. After 30 minutes of circling around, you park your car. You give her a call to check where she is.

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7. After 4 missed calls, she finally picks up to tell you her location and passes you her handbag. She then disappears into the fitting room, somewhere.

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8. You look to your left, you look to the right and see other guys all standing in a row. You give them "the nod".

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9. The wait begins... You kill time by taking out your phone. You thank Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook.

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10. Tick tock tick tock... One by one, your comrades starts to fall asleep

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11. She signals you to the fitting room. "What do you think? This colour nice ah?" Your standard answer is, "Yeah, nice!"

12. Before she asks, "What is nice about it?" you quickly excuse yourself because you need to get 'something'. You walk along the row of shops but not too far away just in case she needs you.

13. Okay, you really have nowhere to go. You head back to find the sacred throne...

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14. You thank the throne gods it's empty. "Ahhhhhhhh". As soon as you lean back, she suddenly appears. She thinks you mean it when you say, "Eh, so fast!"

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15. You don't see her holding anything new. She's NOT buying anything. "Nothing over here, let's go to the next shop." Your eyes begin to twitch.

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16. Hand in hand, you repeat steps 8-16... (while still smiling to your lady of course)

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