Working From Home, Social Distancing & 4 More Reasons Introverts Are Loving The New Norm

'Me time' is the best time.

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Hello, introverts. The new norm has been great, hasn't it?

You can finally let your true self shine. You can stay home on your own and chill on a Friday night - all without feeling bad at all. *rejoices internally*

If you can relate, here are other reasons why you're probably loving this new way of life:

1. Getting to watch a movie 'alone' with the new standard operating procedures (SOPs)

The one-seat gap SOP during movie screenings means less social contact and no strangers kicking your seat! Yay.

Plus, no more whiny, crying kids to ruin your experience now that children below the age of 12 are not allowed into cinemas. Sorry, parents.

2. Not having to worry about people standing uncomfortably close to you when queueing at any store or restaurant

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3. Not having to worry about your resting b*tch face (RBF) because face masks cover up everything

You can yawn, mutter a curse under your breath, and do pretty much anything you want with a face mask on. More privacy, more confidence.

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul anyway, right? :p

If all else fails, you can wear this.

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4. Getting to work from home and dealing with less small talk

We hope this pandemic has forced bosses to realise that most jobs don't require you to be in the office. And most meetings can just be emails. Really. 

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5. Getting to use "social distancing" as a reason to avoid hanging out with people

Social distancing doesn't necessarily mean disconnection. Especially in the age of Zoom and Google Hangouts.

But unlike an open-plan office, Zoom and Google Hangouts can be turned off. Thankfully.

You're no longer a bad friend for turning down a meetup to read a book. My dear, it's called social distancing. 

6. Getting to start all the hobbies you've been wanting to do like gardening, doing word puzzles, reading, cooking, and bingeing on Netflix

Enjoy this much-needed space while it lasts! What else have you been up to during this time?

If you're an introvert, you might recognise doing or saying some of these things:

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