16 Classic Examples Of What Introverts Say And Do In Awkward Situations

*Crumbles inside*

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1. When the food you've ordered isn't here yet, you just wait

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You don't even mind leaving hungry.

2. When the Uber driver is driving super slow and you're in a rush but no words leave your mouth...

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3. You're also sweating at the back but you're too shy to tell him

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It's not easy to complain about the temperature :(

4. When the food you paid for was horrible but you can't bring yourself to tell the waiter how bad it really was

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5. When there's only one piece left...

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6. When you see a comment you wanna reply but you just go "Haih..." and shake your head

7. When your boss asks "Any last questions?" and you just... melt into the chair

8. When you're in a meeting, you quietly pitch your idea to the person next to you (hoping they won't tell everyone what you said)

9. When a telemarketer calls and asks, "Do you want to hear about our products?", you say "YES", even though you mean "NONOPLEASENO!"

11. You proceed to layan them for the next 10 minutes :(

12. When someone finally asks you for drinks, you turn it down because it's been 8 hours since you were alone

13. When you're finally in the same room with someone you like (a crush, celeb, anyone)...

You hit the imaginary 'mute' button.

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14. When people turn the conversation around and start talking about you

15. When your hair stylists asks you "What hairstyle you want?" You: Anything!

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16. When your whole family is extroverted

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