23 Nightmarish Things About Piano Classes That Still Haunt Us Today

When we all had to face the music...

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1. You could never have pretty, long fingernails

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2. Your teacher would hit your knuckles with a ruler or a pencil or... anything, as long as it hurt

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3. You had to miss your favourite TV shows to practise

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4. And if you ever practised at 11pm, your mum will emerge from her room to scold you. "Why so late only practise?"

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6. You were forced to play only classical pieces

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7. And it was sad when your other friends could play cool songs by Disney or Britney

The only cool song your teacher allowed you to play was "Canon in D".

8. Your teacher had bizarre ways of teaching you the perfect curve

9. And you had to painfully stretch out your small, underdeveloped hands

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10. You had to finish your theory homework on top of all your school homework

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The deceiving cover makes you think it's all fun and easy...

11. Year by year, grade by grade, the stress would pile on...

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12. You couldn't quit halfway because you weren't grade 8 yet

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13. And your parents would keep reminding you how much it costs them every month

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14. You drew hundreds and hundreds of "taugehs"

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15. You had to perfect the way you drew musical symbols like it was art class

16. The only 'hashtag' you knew back then was the sharp and B major was your first enemy

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17. You also had to memorise 1,001 Italian words

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Fairly fast? What is that?

18. Sight reading :0

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19. Sight singing :'(


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20. Piano recital day made you realise how much you were terrified of crowds

21. Piano exam days were just... so, so scary :'(

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22. And when you finally receive your exam results...

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No distinction again. :(

23. Now your piano is just a display unit for sentimental things

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At least "Chopsticks" isn't the only song you can play! :D

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