18 Things Only Tall People Will Understand

Your height just heightens your self-consciousness.

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1. People use you as a human shield from the sun

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2. People always ask how tall you are. ALWAYS.

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Like... What can you do with the answer?

3. You get death threats in concerts

4. You know this could happen to you one day

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5. You are always the one who takes the selfie


Not convinced?

Because tall = long arms

6. You don’t fit in a bathtub

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7. Small cars like Kancil can never contain you

8. You have a love-hate relationship with cheap air fares

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Leg space is a myth.

9. Rooms with low ceilings are just hellish

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10. You can never find your shoe size at a clearance sale

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When the perfect looking shoes has no size that fits you...

11. One-size-fits-all...

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... is a joke.

12. Erasing the board is forever your duty in school

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13. You hate it when the teacher says “Short people in front, tall people at the back please!"

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14. You are forever in the middle of the back row in the class picture

15. "Do you play basketball? You should totally play basketball!"

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Sometimes it's just your awesome genes!

16. Wearing heels for tall girls is like committing a crime

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17. "Eh, you so tall go become model lah!"

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Yes, we are talking about THAT auntie.

18. People aren’t confident that you’ll find someone ‘your height’ :(

That's not always true!

Don’t feel down... at least you’re easy to find in public places! :D

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