19 Problems People With Sinusitis Would Say "Yes" To

No one "nose" what it's like to go through this every single day.

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1. Leaving mountains of tissues wherever you go

YES, that's me.

2. You need to bring tissue everywhere, even when there's no space

YES, ALSO ME. I'm always equipped.

3. Running out of tissue is worse than running out of petrol

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You don't know how embarrassing it can be. :'(

4. People keep asking you if you’re sick

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5. People keep telling you to take medicine

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6. Your aunties keep promoting all kinds of remedies

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7. Pimples under your nose

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They are the WORST!

8. Eating spicy food will 'excite' your mucus

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9. People think you have bad hygiene ;(

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10. You let out ONE sneeze in the morning... and you know 1,001 sneezes are coming your way

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11. Going into a dusty room feels like this:

12. The haze

13. You've Googled to check if it's possible to die from excessive sneezing before

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15. Your bag is your mini pharmacy <3

16. Your office would be really, really quiet if not for you...

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Then comes the judgment.

17. You looove traveling. Except for when your hotel is at the end of a dusty road.

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18. The days without sinus are the best days of your life!

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19. That is... until you sneeze the first thing next morning :(

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