7 Reasons Why Ah Jib Gor Has More Swag Than Canada's New PM Justin Trudeau

Old is (still) gold! ;)

Cover image via ST

1. Justin Trudeau has participated in and won a boxing match...

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau (L) and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Image via Heinz Ruckemann/UPI

But Ah Jib Gor is fitter.

Image via TMI

Oh, yeah! Look at him jump.

2. While Justin can easily pull off a Matthew McConaughey...

Image via Huff Post

Ah Jib Gor has the swag to carry a zebra shirt in style!

Can Justin ever pull that zebra shirt off? Nope!

3. And he even dances better

In comparison, Justin's bhangra moves are meh...

4. Justin's smile got nothing on Najib's

Image via Straits Times

5. Moreover, Najib has played golf with Obama "for four hours"

Image via Liputan6

6. Ah Jib Gor can even cook! Look:

Image via The Star

7. Above all, he's friends with cats

What have you done, Justin?

Yeah, keep thinking.

PS: This story is NOT intended for educational purposes.

Meanwhile, on a serious note:

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