7 Seriously Cool Things About Justin Trudeau The World Should Really Know

Canada's hot new PM is more (much more) than his good looks and dreamy hair.

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Justin Trudeau, the 43-year-old Prime Minister-designate of Canada, is currently trending on social media for his swoon-worthy looks...

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And how much he resembles a certain Disney charactor...

...called Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid".


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In case, you still have doubts...

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However, as he captures headlines for his dashing good looks...

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...and giving a partial striptease...

Riding unicycles...

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And sweet dance moves...

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...there is more to him that the world should know.

1. For starters, Justin is a former schoolteacher and taught in public and private schools. Subjects: math, French, drama, humanities.

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He has a bachelor’s degree from McGill University in literature, as well as a bachelor’s of education that he started at McGill and completed at the University of British Columbia. He decided to become a teacher, he has said, to have “a positive influence in the world.”

Between 1999 and 2001, Trudeau taught elementary school math and high school French, humanities and drama, taking over a class when a teacher went on maternity leave. Trudeau’s boss, the head of the senior school, Stephen Anthony, describes him as “highly valued, spirited and enthusiastic teacher” who was liked by staff and students.

2. He's, staunchly and vocally, a feminist:

3. He is someone who argues that the government has no place mandating what women can and cannot do with their bodies

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4. As far as climate change is concerned, he has criticised the current Canadian PM Stephen Harper for presenting the economy and the environment as a zero-sum equation and has instead argued that the two can prosper together

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5. Justin has been supportive of minority rights too

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6. Open and accepting, Justin has visited a mosque in Toronto and also had biryani while dressed in sherwani! Yay Multiculturalism!

7. The morning after his election victory, he was seen gracing the common folk with his presence at subway station there

Oh, and Justin also has Malaysian roots!

Justin and his mother Margaret.

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In one episode in a television series on CBC called ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, tracing Justin’s mother, Margaret’s family roots, it revealed that she had a great-great-great grandmother called Esther, born to William Farquhar. Farquhar is among the early founders of Singapore who arrived with Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 as Singapore's first Resident, and his wife was the daughter of a Malaysian woman and a French officer.

Esther raised five children in Singapore and died at the age of 41, but no details were however given about her grandmother, the Malaysian woman.

On a lighter note...