These Fearless Anarchists Are Just What The World Needs Right Now

Because YOLO.

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Let's get one thing straight: rules were meant to be broken, amirite?

This akak gets it.

It's just human nature to rebel and break boundaries. And it's this very theme that runs through Allegiant, the latest film in the Divergent Series:

In an attempt to save humanity, gutsy Tris Prior and her companion Four have to leave behind their home and journey beyond the wall that encloses Chicago. As shocking new discoveries are made and ruthless battles begin, who can they really trust in order to survive?

We're not sure if the below rebels were inspired by the action-packed trailer too, but they definitely took the breaking boundaries message to heart:

"You ain't the boss of me, mint chocolate thins."

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"Just try and stop me."

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"Instructions are for the weak."


"I'm not running. I'm sprinting."

"Don't tell me what I can and cannot step on."

"Bow beneath me, humans."

"It's my way or the highway."

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"I too like to live dangerously."

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"It's cute how you think I care."

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"I live my life on the edge, bro."

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"Your powers are useless here, envelope."

At the end of the day, life's too short to sweat over menial rules

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But whatever you do, just make sure you don't get caught ;)

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If these first-class rebellions still aren't enough to inspire your own, watch Tris and Four break all boundaries in The Divergent Series: Allegiant, hitting cinemas 17th March 2016.

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Click here for more details on the movie.

This goes out to all you rule-breakers who started really young:

Speaking of school: