Salesman In KL 'Attacks' Luggage Bag In Action-Packed Demo To Prove It Is Unbreakable

"Can I put my fragile heart in here?"

Cover image via Twitter @umairaharis

A video of a salesperson 'attacking' a luggage bag has been making the rounds on Twitter

On Saturday, 3 August, Twitter user @umairaharis shared a video of the most amazing sales pitch for an "unbreakable" luggage bag.

The video has since garnered over 139,500 views and 5,700 retweets.

"After this, even if AirAsia smashes your luggage like they're trying to split the earth, it won't be a problem," the user joked.

In the video, the salesperson is seen throwing a rose gold luggage bag on the ground with full force that it bounces off the floor

He then proceeds to unzip the bag, lay it down, and happily stomp on it. After all of that, he gives it a few more throws, zips it up, and puts it aside as if nothing happened.

The user added that the luggage bags, which are of the 'Alain Delon' brand, are currently on sale with a 70% discount

She also shared that the suitcases, which retail for as high as RM999, are currently on sale at AEON Mid Valley.

 It comes in three different sizes which are 20", 24", and 28".

Netizens have since responded to the tweet with other unconventional uses for the luggage bag

"If my man and I fight, can I hit him with this bag? It won't break, right?" said one netizen.

Another Twitter user jokingly said, "I can use this as a tool to smash people's faces at the airport".

But this user's response is our favourite


Watch the full video below:

Now that you've got your luggage bag settled, you can decide where to travel to next: