There's A Bun That Poops And Vomits All Over Itself Before You Swallow It


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Earlier this year, SAYS writer Samantha introduced us all to Gudetama, an adorably lazy egg from the creators of Hello Kitty whose sole purpose in life is to lie around and wait to be eaten

Image via Sanrio

Now, while Gudetama might be Sanrio's laziest character, it's also the company's most 'hard-to-swallow-looking' food.

You see, a new Sanrio-themed cafe in Hong Kong has added the little Gudetamas in the form of sweet dim sum in their menu:

Turn it around and you'll notice it has a butt...

And all you need to do is to make a hole with a chopstick

Yeah, go on. Careful though, you don't want to burst its skin.

And then, effortlessly, a stream of chocolatey goodness...

If you tried to look away, it's too late now.

But really, we shouldn't judge food on how it looks like it's sh*tting itself all over the place. I'm willing to bet it's 100% delicious!

Just think about that tasty chocolate! And about those sweet, sweet buns! So yummm!

Watch the entire demo from poking to pooping:

Oh, also, if that wasn't enough, it vomits custard too

Image via MyKimchii 88

100 points for realistic effect.

You're probably wondering why anyone would make such a thing, WHY?!

Image via

Because their brainstorming sessions BEGIN with "Why would anyone make such a thing?!"

In case you're headed to Hong Kong, the shop is located at:

Hong Kong's YATA grocery store at the Kwun Tong location and is operated by Japanese-based curry chain Izumi Curry.

By the looks of it, we're guessing people are loving it judging by the restaurant's 'big business'...

See more of Gudetama in action because admit it, he's pretty cute:

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