That SAYS Job Vacancy For A Ninja Was For Real

On 1 April 2014, SAYS released a job vacancy for a ninja but you see, we weren't really kidding...

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We are looking for a real ninja to join the SAYS family

Are you a ninja? We're looking for one.

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If you saw this job posting we did on 1 April 2014

SAYS Ninja are expected to possess high level of shuriken proficiency and will be given a 9,000-year-old katana upon confirmation

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And if your heart exploded with excitement at the thought of giving us a "Kakaaaw, kakaaaw!" signal at the SAYS Secret Hideout

We don't find ninja, ninja find us

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You should know that in all seriousness, SAYS IS looking to hire more 'killer' talents to join the team. Really.

You could be in this picture!

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We are looking for a real ninja. Not a 'coding ninja', or a 'PR ninja'. The ninja we are looking for only needs to know how to KILL. Not code. Not PR. But to KILL. If you are a ninja with the speed of a thousand shadows, CLICK HERE.

If you're book smart, street smart, and dying to work in an awesome workplace, we want you to join our Campaign Performance Team.

The SAYS Campaign Performance team.

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The SAYS Campaign Performance team is responsible for managing and organizing campaign timelines and ensuring all 8Share campaigns are running like a smooth engine. They will be hanging out with media planners, clients, and account management team. They will be expected to write attractive and meaningful reports to the clients too. CLICK HERE for more info.

We're also looking for two passionate, ultra-capable interns to join SAYS. Writing and Photoshop skills are a bonus. Must love getting things done.

CLICK HERE to become the next SAYS Padawan and be trained by a Jedi Knight.

Fun fact: A former SAYS intern was involved in the Hour Of Code movement backed by Obama and Ashton Kutcher

SAYS has been awarded World's Most Democratic Workplace twice


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Our office space encourages creativity and collaboration.

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And we have foosball tournaments.

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We enjoy taking group selfies in elevators

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We have hipster looking bookshelves.

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Bean bags, yes.

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The mission of the workspace design is to support our team values, energy levels, and functional. CLICK HERE to unveil the secrets of the SAYS Secret Hideout.

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