[SAYS VIDEO] What Would Happen If We Gave You ONE MILLION Ringgit? Would You...

One girl wanted to throw all the money on the bed and bathe in it!

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2014 was a tough year for Malaysia and it's no surprise that many of us are crossing our fingers for a smoother year ahead. What could make it a little more bearable?

If a huge windfall dropped into your hands, how would you use it to make your year better?

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We went around the streets of Kuala Lumpur armed with a camera, asking Malaysians the million ringgit question

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And then we surprised them with some very "tough" choices of things they could spend their money on...

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Would you rather buy a big banana car, or a lifetime supply of bananas?

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Save the environment, cure cancer, or end world hunger?

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What other things would Malaysians do with RM1,000,000? Watch the full video here:

Okay, enough about them. What would YOU do with ONE MILLION RINGGIT? No matter what your choices are, a 'durian runtuh' might not be that far from your reach!

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