Scientists Say Guys Who Love Taking Selfies Have A Certain Kind Of Tendency...

"But it's not entirely a bad thing", researchers say.

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Do you have that ONE guy friend in your Insta feed who always. posts. selfies?

Well, according to a study by the Ohio State University, science has now confirmed that men who constantly post selfies may show psychopathic tendencies

A research by the Ohio State University showed that men who regularly posts selfies tend to show psychopathic tendencies.

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Watch out ladies! If your boyfriend is constantly posting selfies, he might be a psychopath. According to a new study from Ohio State University, which surveyed “a nationally representative sample” of 800 guys between 18 and 40 about their selfie habits and personality traits, a man’s obsession with uploading his own face to the internet doesn’t suggest the perfect picture of a healthy mind.

Men who share selfies online are more likely to exhibit psychopathic tendencies. That’s what researchers are saying after conducting a lengthy study on the link between selfie-taking and certain personality traits.

A study surveying the social media habits of 800 men confirmed with science what we've always known in our hearts—if you constantly take a bunch of selfies and post them online, you might have some mild psychological issues.

The university took a sample of 1,000 men between the ages 18 to 45 found that those who post selfies of themselves regularly score higher on psychopath tests

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Researchers at Ohio State University examined 1000 men aged 18-40 and discovered that those who regularly post images of themselves across social networking sites are more likely to score highly on psychopath tests.

A research project, conducted at the Ohio State University, straddles the line between "no duh" and "well, that's disturbing" with its findings. The lead author, Jesse Fox, says that the study proved that self-taking dudes, who also spent time editing their front-facing snapshots, scored high for narcissism. Ok, not particularly surprising. However, guys who posted lots of selfies, but didn't really spend time editing them, showed signs of above average psychopathy.

However, this does not mean that guys who take selfies are psychopaths. Although they may score higher than normal in the narcissistic and psychopathic categories, the scores are still within normal boundaries.

This however, may show that he's slightly over the top.

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Now let’s be clear, this study does NOT say men who take selfies are psychopaths!!! Not at all! Just that men who took selfies scored slightly higher than average in the narcissistic and psychopathic categories, but were still within normal boundaries.

Fox emphasized that the results don’t mean that men who post a lot of selfies are necessarily narcissists or psychopaths. The men in the study all scored within the normal range of behavior – but with higher than average levels of these anti-social traits.

The researchers are careful to note that none of the men surveyed appeared to be full-out psychos, and just because a guy uploads a lot of selfies, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Still, ladies, it’s yet another reason to pay attention to a guy’s profile before dating him — but don’t worry, the same academic team is studying whether the link holds true for women next.

In fact, a little bit of psychopathy doesn't hurt for guys. Another study found out that men who tend to have psychopathic tendencies actually attract more mates.

This lack of filtering and impulsivity in SNS [social networking sites] posting may benefit some psychopathic men, however. One study found that male users who had SNS posts that alluded to excessive drinking and promiscuous behavior were perceived as more attractive than male users with posts identifying them as ''the life of the party'' (Walther, Van Der Heide, Kim, Westerman, & Tong, 2008). Thus, when psychopathic men appear reckless or impulsive on SNSs, it may actually help attract mates.

After all, we're pretty sure a lot of ladies do want to be with James Franco, the master of the selfie

So who knew, that fake article about doctors saying people who take selfies have mental disorders may be slightly true

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