China Staff Swing Their Heads Desperately To Attract Customers Over To Their Restaurants

They were banned from using their hands.

Cover image via @永康不锈钢英 (Douyin)

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A video showing several restaurant staff using their heads to "wave" customers over to their outlet in Zhoushan, China has gone viral

The video was shared by @永康不锈钢英, on Chinese social media platform, Douyin, in April.

Instead of the usual hand gestures or verbal invitation, staff members stationed at the restaurant entrance bob their heads in an energetic manner, trying their best to attract potential diners to their establishment.

The reason behind these tactic is unclear, but apparently, there is a ban against using hand gestures to welcome customers.

"I whip my hair back and forth."

Image via @永康不锈钢英 (Douyin)

Shopkeepers in Zhoushan told local media that there's a regulation that prevents shopkeepers from using their hands to invite customers to their businesses

"Why can't you use your hands?" a netizen wondered.

"Some scenic spots do not allow the solicitation of tourists, so using this method is not considered solicitation of tourists," one user suggested.

Image via Douyin

Meanwhile, another netizen said that these hand movements may give a bad impression to tourists.

Image via Douyin

This quirky and innovative approach to attracting diners has quickly become a talking point among netizens on Chinese social media

"They looked so enthusiastic, I felt heartbroken when I was paying the bill," a netizen commented.

Image via Douyin

"I want to know which restaurant you ended up choosing to visit after seeing that?" asked another.

Image via Douyin

A netizen from Shandong shared that they also experienced similar treatment in their own city.

"We have barbecue restaurants lining the streets where I'm from. If you drive there, you can experience what it's like to be a celebrity," they said.

Image via Douyin

You can watch the hilariously creative customer-attracting tactic here:

So, it seems that these shopkeepers have found a unique workaround this regulation

Before this regulation, shopkeepers have been known to be quite aggressive with their attempts to attract customers.

Here's a 2020 video of what it was like:

However, it seems that the city of Zhoushan has a reputation for having overpriced menus, with netizens sharing their personal experiences dining there

"When you visit Zhoushan, don't go into these restaurants with the mentality that the seafood is cheap. The fresher it is, the more expensive it is. It's the same regardless of where you are from," one netizen cautioned.

Image via Douyin

"Remember the following procedures when eating in Zhoushan: Determine the price before ordering, try to remember its characteristics when ordering fresh seafood, take photos of the menu after ordering, check the menu and total price when you finish the meal before checking out," one netizen advised.

Image via Douyin

Meanwhile, another netizen said restaurants that rely on methods to attract customers to their outlet are not very good.

"If you see these restaurants, you should avoid them. Most of the restaurants with good food have their curtains raised," they said.

Image via Douyin

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