14 Obvious Ways People Can Tell You're An Artsy Person

"That's expensive!" "It's artisanal." "I'll take ten."

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1. You were that cool kid in school with the giant box of colour pencils...

The seat beside you became precious real estate during Pendidikan Seni classes.

2. …and you could easily arrange them back according to their shades

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3. Your Instagram account = instant eyegasm

4. You make sure your gadgets can keep up with your artistic eye

Your phone is your favourite portable camera, and the first thing you do when testing out a phone is to take pictures with it. For someone like you, the Huawei P9's stellar camera is just what you need!

With a dual-lens camera co-engineered with Leica, the camera captures images through an RGB sensor and a monochrome sensor, and uses a unique merging algorithm to piece together a stunning combination of the colours captured.

5. You can distinguish between ochre and mustard, and lose a part of your soul when some people just call them "yellow":

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6. You don't mean to be mean but... you can't take anyone who uses Comic Sans seriously

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Seriously, why? WHY?!

7. You take your time appreciating street art

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8. You believe mass-produced furniture is an abomination

You know your obsession over recycled wood furniture is getting a little out of hand when you call your carpenter more than your friends.

9. Your love for anything 'artisanal' and 'handmade' has caused you one or two unnecessary griefs in life

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10. You're afraid to throw anything out because it could be the exact thing you need for your next craft project

Look, you're an artist, not a hoarder. There's a difference.

11. You’re the only one you know who buys nice wrapping paper (and you keep the good ones to yourself)

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When you actually need to wrap a gift, you feel sayang to use the pretty ones you have and go out to buy moderately nice ones that you won't mind using. Again, NOT a hoarder. You just appreciate beautiful things.

12. The only time you love team-building exercises at the office is when they give you mahjong paper to sketch out ideas

13. When people say they wish they were as creative as you:

14. Nothing makes you happier than expressing yourself through your art!

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After all, life's a priceless masterpiece in the making, and you're just happy to be adding your strokes and colours one day at a time!

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