This Singaporean Couple's Wedding Photos Are So Bad They Want You To Laugh At Them

Why is everything blue?!

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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions. No doubt, it is essential to have a good wedding photographer as photos are the only lasting memory you will have of the special day.

Unfortunately for this Singaporean couple, their appointed photographer appeared to have captured more unflattering moments than, well, cherishable ones

According to the bride, Jaclyn Ying, the couple had no hand in choosing the photographer as actual day photography was included in a wedding package they'd bought from a "pretty reputable bridal shop" in Singapore.

"Before we signed on, we were told that while we couldn't choose our photographer, the standard of the talent pool was consistent.

Naturally (and being Singaporean), we asked, "sure annot," and were promptly shown a portfolio of actual day photos. They looked alright, and so we signed on thinking, 'Okay la hor, how bad can they be'," she wrote.

Read her full post here.

As he was the only photographer on duty that day, there is nothing they newlyweds can do besides trying to seek compensation from the bridal shop. That and sharing the "hilariously bad" photos on social media for "amusement".

Speaking to Singaporean daily The Straits Times, Ying revealed that she and her husband had paid S$3,000 (RM8,665) for the package, which included several sets of outfits, hair and make-up sessions as well as 10 hours of actual day photography.

Out-of-focus and inopportune moments aside...

... Most of the photos were shot in unflattering lighting and odd angles as well as close-ups that are far too, um, close

Nicely-dressed guests found themselves caught in awkward poses and facial expressions

Then there's the wedding toast that focused on the glasses than the people attending the reception

This is what happens when you experiment with weird colour filters

Okay, what is with the blue filters...

When you see it...

The photos, which were posted on 10 April, have been shared more than 16,000 times at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, the photographer in question had also stepped out to refute the "bad photos", saying that more than 900 photos were taken on that day but the bride only posted the less satisfactory ones.

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The post, which also contained nicer photos from the couple's wedding, has since been deleted.

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Regardless, we wish the newlyweds all the best with their married life! On a related note, check out these beautiful weddings:

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