Indomie Releases No-Noodle Image Packaging And Airs Empty Plate Advertisement For Ramadan

Caution: half of the photos and footage here contain images of irresistible Indomie.

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Nothing triggers our craving for food better than a tantalising video showing a meal cooking up right in front of you

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Knowing that, popular instant noodle brand, Indomie, found a cheeky way to remind consumers about their springy noodles without disrespecting the Ramadan season

During fasting hours, Indomie serves up a daytime advertisement showing an actor mimicking the actions of cooking up the instant mee goreng, reported Malay Mail.

However, a closer inspection finds that the actor is actually cooking nothing at all.

"Your stomach may be empty, but we can still practise good deeds from home," said the actor, referencing to the partial lockdown many countries are experiencing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can watch the clip here:

When it is after fasting hours, Indomie serves up a similar advertisement. But this time, it is a full-blown advertisement with footage of the delicious noodle:

Both versions of the 15-second long advertisements were posted on Facebook last Friday, 24 April. 

The videos blew netizens' minds. Many people commended Indomie for coming out with such a creative advertisement.

But that is not all.

Indomie has also released a batch of stock that does not have noodle images on its packaging this Ramadan.

Hundreds of netizens took to Twitter to express their amusement over Indomie's brilliant advertisement campaign.

"For the month of Ramadan, Indomie will remove the noodle image from the packaging. Lol, for the weak," a Twitter user said in jest.

"It is true. Indomie is displaying an empty plate in the month of Ramadan," tweeted another user.

One netizen noted Indomie's strong brand power, saying, "Imagine having a food brand so powerful that you don't need to show your food and people will still buy your products."

Kudos to Indomie for the respectful advertisement. Now, let us buka puasa dulu.

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