Someone Figured Out How To Make Keropok Lekor From Mi Sedaap And We Can't Wait To Try It

All you need is Mi Sedaap, an egg, and a little tapioca flour.

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Keropok lekor is a traditional Malay dish originating from Terengganu

According to Nibble Dish, keropok lekor is typically made from fish and sago flour.

It involves quite a complicated process of emptying fish intestines and discarding its bones. 

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However, thanks to Twitter user @wakgemblong, a hack to make keropok lekor now exists!

The viral tweet has been retweeted over 15,800 times at the time of writing.

All you need is Mi Sedaap, an egg, and a little tapioca flour.

Just like how you normally prepare instant noodles, bring the mee to a boil

Then, with a pestle and mortar, pound the boiled noodles

After the mee is properly smashed, transfer it into a frying wok and add in the prepacked seasoning and egg. Then mix.

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Add a spoonful of tapioca powder until the mixture becomes a ball of dough

Take the dough out and roll it into four equal parts

Then, boil the dough in boiling water

Next, take the dough out and cut it into smaller pieces

Lastly, fry it until it turns golden!

The process seems much simpler than the original.

However, netizens have been giving mixed reactions to the interesting recipe:

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Check out the original tweet here:

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