Japanese Man Makes Rice With Boba And Pearls And We Don't Know How To Feel

Boba with rice. What's next?

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With bubble tea being super popular these days, one individual came up with the idea to make rice from boba. Yes, including the pearls.

'Ochazuke' is a wholesome Japanese dish made by pouring green tea over leftover rice.

According to Just One Cookbook, it is common to make Ochazuke when you feel under the weather or after a long day of work, as the green tea makes you feel warm and fuzzy after eating.

One man in Japan had this theory that since green tea over rice tastes so appetising, bubble tea with rice should also taste good

Mr Sato set out to test his theory, which he wrote about on SoraNews24.

Since Mr Sato was the first person to attempt to make bubble tea rice, he wasn't sure how much of each ingredient to use. He finally settled on one cup of rice and one medium-sized milk tea.

After 15 minutes, the rice was done cooking.

Image via SoraNews24

According to him, the rice and boba really complemented each other

"Rice and tea really do seem destined to go well with each other, and their flavors blended effortlessly together here.

As a matter of fact, they're so compatible that the stronger flavor here remains that of the rice itself, though each and every tapioca bubble is a sweet surprise with an interesting texture change," Mr Sato shared on SoraNews24.

Image via SoraNews24
Image via SoraNews24

Mr Sato even went as far as having a cup of bubble tea, while enjoying his boba rice

Image via SoraNews24

You can read more on Mr Sato's discovery here.

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