South Korean Footballer Cho Gue-Sung Made Everyone Swoon At FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

He reportedly turned off his phone because of the amount of 'daily marriage proposals'.

Cover image via @jeonbuk1994 (Instagram) & FAphotos/Allkpop

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South Korea may have lost in the World Cup this year after its defeat to Brazil on Monday, 5 December, but the team has certainly won the hearts of many.

One particular footballer to be exact.

Image via The Athletic

A heartthrob by the name of Cho Gue-sung, who played forward for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC during the regular season, has drawn a tremendous amount of attention for his chiselled abs, strong thighs, and 'anime-like' good looks.  

In fact, he's become so popular that within a matter of days, his followers on Instagram ballooned from 20,000 to 2.4 million!

More than just a handsome face, the footballer actually gained attention after scoring two goals within three minutes in the match against Ghana

This made him the first South Korean to have ever scored multiple goals in a single World Cup match.

Not long after, videos of the 24-year-old went viral all over social media. According to Sportskeeda, "South Korea No 9", referring to his T-shirt number, was seen trending on several social media sites.

A South Korean reporter told The Athletic that Cho Gue-sung was so overwhelmed by the sudden popularity that he even had to turn off his phone due to the amount of marriage proposals that flooded his accounts daily.

With that said, here are some fun facts to know about the Internet's latest crush:

1. Both of his parents were also athletes

According to Hypebae, his dad used to play in an early morning football club while his mum was a professional volleyball player.

2. He's an affectionate younger brother and uncle

Cho Gue-sung is the youngest in the family and has two older sisters. People have already found one of his sister's Instagram accounts where the footballer is seen showing affection for family members, including his two nephews.

3. He's 6ft

'Nuff said.

4. He completed his military service in September 2022 before joining the national football team

5. He almost gave up on football as a career when he was a teenager

Hypebae noted that he spent most of his game time on the bench, as he was considered shorter than his peers. As a teen, he was also told that he wasn't going to be a successful football player.

According to the article, Cho Gue-sung told his mum that he would continue to play football for several more months, and if he still wasn't good enough, he would quit to become a civil servant.

Well, thank goodness he didn't quit!

6. He can be quite competitive

7. If you date him, you know he'll help around with chores

In a video posted by his football club, Cho Gue-sung is seen barbecuing meat then turning to the camera to say, "I don't let my girl [do] chores. I'd rather do it by myself."

Marry me pls.

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