[PHOTOS] Starbucks Name Fails Malaysian Edition

What's the average number of times that Starbucks has gotten your name right? See some of Malaysia's tickling #StarbucksNameFails

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What Do You Think Of Former Miss Universe Malaysia Deborah Henry's New Name Dabble?

Deborah Henry's name misspelled at Starbucks.

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Starbucks Came Really Close With This One, Except It Was Supposed To Be 'Nik', Not 'Dik'...

'Nik' misspelled for 'Dik' at Starbucks.

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One Can Have Their Genders Swapped At Starbucks - Meet Jess, Who's Desmond?


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When Faced With Chinese Name, Just Scribble 6 Letters That Sound Alike

Choo Mun Wei misspelled 'Munuen', or...?

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Ryan Usually Goes In With The Alias "Caesar" And But This Time Ended Up With...

"Caesar" misspelled 'Seesso'

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Guess Starbucks Wasn't Sure About Her Initials Being A 'T' Or 'C'

Starbucks name fail in Malaysia.

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And Then...

Tharshni Kumarasamy, 'they get my name right! Ah Starbucks barista you made my day.'

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Christopher Got His Name Swapped For 'Criss'

Christopher Wee's Starbucks name

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Starbucks May Have Messed Up One Letter In The Name 'Jordan' But Made Up For It With An 'Enjoy :)'

Jordan misspelled for 'Jorden.'

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But Not All Are Fails, They Do Get Names Right

Facebook user Alan Tang's comment on Starbucks Malaysia.

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Sometimes, They Get MORE Than Just The Name Right

Emmy Lai's coffee, with added message.

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They've Also Made The Days Of Various Malaysians With Random Smiley Faces And Messages

"Thanks Starbucks Uptown Damansara for making my morning" - Nur Adelina

Image via Starbucks Malaysia Facebook

Facebook user E Laine Chong comments on Starbucks Malaysia Facebook page.

Image via Starbucks Malaysia Facebook

Facebook user Melor Rahman comments on Starbucks Malaysia Facebook page.

Image via Starbucks Malaysia Facebook

See More #StarbucksNameFails In Other Parts Of The World, PHOTOS:

Chad misspelled for 'Shat'.

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Megan was misspelled for 'Meka'.

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Onuro misspelled for 'Oney'

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Taylor misspelled for 'Taler'

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Amanda misspelled for 'Ammanda'.

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Bionka for Bianca?

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No way.

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If you're not sure, add a question mark

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Don't be rude!

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Virginia, please!

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