11 Struggles That Will End Once Malaysians Can Stream Their Favourite Shows (Legally!)

The struggle is REAL.

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We live in a world where watching your favourite shows sometimes requires you to be a top-level tech wizard

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There are just so many things standing between you and an awesome movie night (or a full-on binge fest), from being blocked regionally to trying to locate HD-quality flicks

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And it doesn't help that people on the other side of the Pacific have access to legit streaming portals that you can only envy from afar

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These struggles are just part of what you have to deal with, all in the name of entertainment:

1. Being forced to choose between a bad-quality movie or no movie at all

Okay obscure indie movie, you win this time.

2. Getting distracted by literally-translated subtitles

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Halfway in, you realize you're reading the titles more than actually paying attention to the show.

3. When you're done with a season and can't find the next season anywhere online

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And suddenly, you're not quite sure what to do with your life.

4. Also, when you decide to start watching a series and you can find the later seasons, but there is not a single link to the earlier seasons that work

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What did you do to deserve this?

5. Finding the whole season in HD, but everyone's speaking Russian instead

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Your urgent need to commence the binge-watch session makes you contemplate language classes.

6. When a streaming site you love is shut down, and you feel like a part of you just died inside

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You tell yourself you'll find something else, but you know deep down nothing else will ever measure up.

7. Succumbing to cliffhangers

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Watching your favourite drama series on TV has caused you unspeakable heartache towards the end of each week's episode.

8. Downloading all kinds of dodgy plug-ins to access shows not available in Malaysia

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And you come to realize that your research on VPNs and unblockers is far more thorough than your final year thesis could have ever hoped to be.

9. When an innocent click leads to a never-ending string of pop-up ads

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And those slightly NSFW ones just conveniently appear right at that moment your mom decides to hover behind you.

10. Evading malware on a daily basis

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Or attempting to anyway.

11. Living in fear of the authorities discovering your bursting downloads folder one day and dragging you off to jail

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"I can explain..."

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