Taiwan-Born Woman Shares How She Went On An African Safari Tour And Married Her Guide

"Should make this into a K-drama."

Cover image via Lu Lee-Kombe/Subtle Asian Traits (Facebook)

Life is full of surprises and you never know when you're going to meet the love of your life

In a Facebook post on Subtle Asian Traits, a woman recently shared her amazing love story of how she met her husband while on a safari tour in Africa.

Lu Lee-Kombe was born in Taiwan but grew up in Canada and South Korea, where she completed her studies

Her love for languages then led her to Japan, where she taught English for two years.

"Having been exposed to these two different East Asian cultures, I was almost certain that I would end up living/working in Asia. But... life had different plans for me," she wrote.

Her parents wanted her to either be a teacher or to work at some kind of government job. However, after trying out both, Lee-Kombe said that she didn't really want them as a permanent career. 

She decided to volunteer in Tanzania, Africa where she taught English for two weeks. And in that time, she also signed up for a safari tour.

During the three-day wildlife safari camp, she met a friendly Tanzanian guy named Sam who was their safari guide.

And the rest is history.

They fell in love, got married, and now have two adorable kids!

Together they've travelled throughout East Africa. And Sam now runs his own safari company and camp.

In pursuit of her dream job, Lee-Kombe shared that she has published two novels and is currently working on illustrated children's books.

In her post, Lee-Kombe added:

"Life has so many unexpected twists and you never know where your next step will land you. Even during the pandemic times, where everything is on pause and uncertain, we should just all keep living our best lives, and dare to dream our next adventure!"

After sharing her story, she received a phenomenal response. One person even wrote that their love story should be turned into a K-drama series.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

You can check out her full post here.

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