This Couple Celebrated 50 Years Of Marriage With Another Wedding & It's Too Cute To Handle

And the coolest couple award goes to...

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Siong and Kim have been married for five decades.

With a golden anniversary in the bag, the pair decided there was only one way to celebrate: by getting married... again!

In a series of photographs posted on Facebook, the couple shared snapshots from their special day in Seremban on 29 December 2018.

Their (second) wedding day started off with an epic entrance by the dashing groom

While Siong wore a mandarin-collared white blouse with a black jacket, his groomsmen were decked out in matching pastel coloured t-shirts and shorts.

Awaiting Siong's arrival in their family home was Kim, who was surrounded by her bride squad

Dressed traditionally, Kim was a sight for sore eyes in a red embroidered jacket and skirt.

Once the men arrived, it was time for them to be tested.

Siong and his groomsmen were made to work together to overcome several "obstacles" during the gate-crashing session.

Activities hosted by Kim's bridesmaids included asking the the groom about the bride, making him put lipstick on his groomsmen, and bursting balloons.

As soon as the groom passed his gate-crashing games, the lovebirds were reunited and Siong got to kiss his blushing bride!

The gate-crashing session was followed by a traditional tea ceremony with close family and friends.

To add icing on the (wedding) cake, the couple also released some beyond adorable photos from their pre-wedding shoot!

If this isn't #relationshipgoals, we don't know what is <3

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