Take A Look At What Happened When This Man Ruined His Wife's New Shirt And Tried To Fix It

"Sayang, have you seen my shirt?"

Cover image via Twitter @AdliAmirullah

When two people get married, they vow to stay together for better or for worse.

One guy shared the story of him ruining his wife's new white shirt and maybe this is what people mean by 'for worse'.

On Tuesday, 29 October, Twitter user @adliamirullah shared that he accidentally washed his wife's new white shirt with another new red shirt.

He wrote, "Guys need help. I accidentally washed my wife's new white blouse with her new red blouse. And now the white blouse became pink! I have not told her this yet. Trying to solve first. HELP."

The tweet has since garnered 8,900 retweets and 7,200 likes.

His natural male instincts told him to just get rid of the evidence and buy his wife a new shirt

The distraught husband tweeted, "She told me yesterday that she purposely bought a new white blouse because she doesn't own one yet. Should I just hide this one and buy the same one from the store today?"

Some people advised him to soak the shirt in a mixture of bleach, detergent, and water.

Sadly, it wasn't the solution (pun intented).

He thanked netizens who came to his aid and said he left the shirt to soak for a few hours.

In the midst of all the chaos, he received a text message from his wife.

"Sayang, I was looking for my new shirt. Did you wash it? I couldn't find it."

We're sure he got a mini heart attack from that.

However, his efforts were to no avail. The bleach did not help.

Then he went on a hunt at the mall.

But the poor guy had no idea which store his wife bought the shirt from.

He wrote, "The tag on the shirt said 'Polly collections'. I thought it was from Padini, but I went around and around and I couldn't find it."

"Then I literally power walked throughout the whole mall and bumped into a random stall that sold it. It was the last one! Thank god!"

In the end, he confessed and told his wife the truth.

But then she got mad at him for going to the mall without her.

"The lesson here is, all us husbands should always go left because our wife is always right."

Rest in peace, formerly white blouse.

Netizens were so invested in the husband's adventure

Some people left him with more pointers on how to save a stained white shirt.

One Twitter user wrote, "Buy five lemons, chop up the fruit, and put it in boiling water. Then, soak clothes in it overnight. I've done it a few times and it always works."

Meanwhile, other people dropped some relationship advice. This person wrote, "Always be honest. You should've just told her what happened in the beginning and that you were going to make it up to her by replacing it with a new one. It's not that hard, us women are not monsters."

But this particular person speaks for the rest of us:

"I wish someone cared this much about me."

Me too.
Me. Too.

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