Distraught Husband Wins The Internet For Accidentally Buying 3 Giant Snorlax Plushies

The world will be a better place if every guy is like this guy. :p

Cover image via featherlit/Carousell

While the craze for the Pokémon GO game is slowly dying down, many are still interested in getting one of these cute little creatures

Image via SAYS

Just like this one guy who thought it would be a good idea to surprise his wife by buying some Pokémon plushies online.

But, how wrong he was!

Turns out, he actually bought not one, but three super huge Snorlax cushions!

He had no intention to buy these life-sized cushions because all he wanted was to get some small Snorlax plushies for his wife who thought the Pokémon "looks cute and dumb".

That poor guy had no clue what he was in for until the three giant Snorlax arrived at his doorstep after buying them online.

His wife was not amused, of course.

His story, however, couldn't be any funnier as he put up his own listing to sell off the huge Pokémon that was hogging almost all the space in his living room

The man, believed to be a Singaporean, posted his listing on community marketplace Carousell. Using the username 'featherlit', he relayed his story and priced the cushion at SGD250 each, hoping to sell them off to "salvage" his marriage.

With that, 'featherlit' officially won the Internet, as netizens were absolutely entertained by his supposed hardship

Image via Carousell

Some kindhearted netizens offered to "sacrifice" their room space to get one of these plushies from him

Image via Carousell

Good news for this guy, though, as it appears that he managed to sell off all three giant Snorlax within the same day.


We're glad that the three giant plushies have found a new home and 'featherlit' got out of this trouble :p

Seriously though, we'd like to have one for ourselves!

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