This Huge Cuddly Snorlax Is The Only Thing Your Home Needs Right Now

Shut up and take my money!

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Ever since Pokémon GO was launched in Malaysia earlier this month, Malaysians can’t take their eyes off the game

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Why wouldn't we be? Not only is the game fun, but we're also reminded of how Pokémon are all extremely cute!

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So when we stumbled upon this super huge Snorlax cushion, we fell in love with it immediately

Image via Premium Bandai

Premium Bandai, an online retailer by Japan's leading general toy manufacturer Bandai, began taking pre-orders for this massive Snorlax cushion in February, way before the Pokémon GO game was launched.

Standing at 1.5m tall and 1.3m long, this cushion looks like the perfect companion for everyone after a long day.

It's quite heavy - about 12kg, to be exact - but significantly lighter than its 460-kg in-game counterpart.

However, this cushion of your dreams would cost 52,000 Japanese Yen, which amounts to more than RM2,000!

We still want it though, if we could afford it. :(

Image via Premium Bandai

Apparently, someone already bought one, and we're green with envy!

Image via 新假期JetSo

ThinkGeek, an online retailer based in the US catering to niche interest groups, has also come up with a Snorlax beanbag

Image via ThinkGeek

The Pokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair is being marketed as an officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise and a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive.

ThinkGeek's Snorlax Bean Bag is slightly smaller than Premium Bandai's Snorlax cushion as it's only 1.2m tall and 0.6, long. However, it's significantly cheaper too, though some may argue it's still a little on the expensive side, going at USD149.99 (RM564.00).

But as people say it, comfort costs money and this bean bag looks incredibly comfy. As ThinkGeek puts it, you could "snore more with this Snorlax".

Would you get one of these for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!

Not too long ago, Malaysia's first ever Pokémon GO Master caught a 'Snorlax' in his office:

Meanwhile, we're extremely thankful that the Snorlax cushion and bean bag look perfectly cute and nice, unlike this:

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