Embrace Your Inner Doraemon With This 'Take-Copter' Hairband From Shopee

The gadget we always wished for.

Cover image via's World & Amy Medusa/Facebook

Doraemon is famous for his quirky gadgets. But probably one of his most popular ones is... the 'Take-copter'!

If you grew up watching Doraemon, you probably wished you had this.

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The Take-copter is a head accessory that uses mind control to propel anyone who wears it into the air.

It has a tiny suction cup that attaches to your head with a propellor at the end of it.

And it only has a battery life of eight hours, which tends to run out especially when Doraemon and Nobita are being chased by bad guys. Gotta be a little realistic, ya know? 

If you've always wanted a Take-copter, I'm happy to tell you that your dreams have finally come true. You can now embrace your inner Doraemon...

Cendawan Cheese posted photos of Facebook user Amy Medusa wearing a Take-copter hairband and the post already has over 12,000 shares since yesterday, 13 July.

Seeing as it could help beat traffic jams, many thrilled fans began asking where they could find one for themselves

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Several helpful people shared that you might be able to get it from a store in MyTOWN Shopping Centre in KL.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

However, a quick check on Google also shows that you can find it on Shopee for less than RM10

Image via Shopee

The description states that it's suitable for ages four and above. So technically, can. :p

Go forth and fly!

Image via Gfycat

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development suggested that women talk like Doraemon to their husbands:

If you think you're a fan of the robot cat, wait till you see this groom's baju melayu:

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