This Groom Convinced His Wife To Let Him Wear A Doraemon Baju Melayu For His Wedding

Because suits are overrated.

Cover image via Abann Dass

There are people who love cartoons and then there are hardcore fans – like this groom who wore a Doraemon baju melayu for his wedding recently

Photos of his outfit have since have gone viral following his bersanding ceremony on Friday, 16 November.

Image via Abann Dass

Five days before his big day, Mohd Firdaus Mohd Ali decided to don this striking outfit with permission from his bride

The outfit was initially meant to be worn during his pre-wedding photoshoot. But the Kelantanese groom told The Star that he had persuaded his wife to allow him to wear it for their wedding day.

"She initially did not want me to wear it, as she was embarrassed about what others would say," he told the news portal.

He managed to convince her, by saying "if you love me, you wouldn't mind even if I wore this for awhile," adding that she finally relented.

Image via Abann Dass

According to The Star, Mohd Firdaus said he has been a big fan of Doraemon since he was a child

The cartoon-lover, who runs a local cosmetics line in Kota Bahru, has since become a proud owner of Doraemon-themed towels, clothes, pillows, and blankets.

Mohd Firdaus said that he had bought the cloth for his baju melayu from Jakarta last year.

Apparently Ana (his bride) also wore a matching Doraemon outfit on their wedding day but had requested for her pictures to not be uploaded. Grateful for his understanding wife, Mohd hopes to plan a honeymoon trip with her to the Balkan region next month.

Image via Abann Dass

Meanwhile, this Malaysian YouTuber had a themed wedding of his own featuring a popular k-drama show:

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