9 WORST Things To Do If You're Hoping to Solve The Mystery Of M&M’S® The Big Escape

Now's the time to keep your karate chops to yourself and bring on... your chopstick skills?

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Have you heard the news?

The M&M’S® have had it.

Being one of the world's most addictive snacks has its perks -- and its downfalls. These colour-coded chocolates have made a run from the M&M’S® factory and are now hiding in the Escape Room at eCurve!

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Your mission: Search the 3 Museum Rooms (Prehistoric, Egyptian, and Renaissance) for clues, solve all the puzzles, and put the M&M’S® back to safety!

Need some tips to solve The Big Escape? Here are 9 you should keep in mind:

1. Underestimating time's ability to sneak past you

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You'll be given 45 minutes to solve the whole challenge. While that seems like ample time, you'll be surprised how quickly the minutes fly by when you're scrambling to solve one puzzle after the next.

2. Forgetting the basic rules of Math

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Yes, the clock is ticking but that's no excuse to suddenly forsake all the knowledge your Math teacher had tirelessly taught you in Standard 1.

3. Overlooking the bigger picture

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When something doesn't quite work out, it's only natural to get up close to the puzzle and try to see if you've missed anything. But sometimes, the answer reveals itself when you take a step back.

4. Ignoring seemingly random information

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All 3 rooms are peppered with random text, numbers, and items. Not surprisingly, they point to a secret just waiting to be discovered. Time to squeeze out whatever code-breaking skills you picked up from Da Vinci Code.

5. Being ashamed of your stellar chopstick skills

If you're a champion at picking up slippery fish balls with chopsticks and you've ever wondered at which point this random life skill will ever come in handy, the answer is NOW.

6. Being too proud to ask for help

Throughout the whole game, you'll be given 3 chances to call for help. If you're helplessly stuck on a certain puzzle, swallow your pride and ring the life-saving bell.

7. Ghosting in the background

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Granted the rest of your team mates are looking like they're close to figuring out this whole thing, but that doesn't mean you're not a key part to unlocking the mystery! The smallest little gestures or things you point out might end up being just the clue the group needs.

8. Breaking out your kung fu skills

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If a door is not opening or a weird contraption is not budging, that simply means you still haven't solved the riddle (eventhough you swear you've got the right answer this time!). Using force is just going to result in an unnecessary saman at the end of your gameplay.

9. Letting your panic take control

Despite the serious matter at hand, don't let your *kancheong*ness take over. Freaking out is the fastest way to forget all the above-mentioned tips.

Keep calm (or attempt to anyway)!

We applied all these tips during our intense puzzle-solving session and managed to escape with barely 20 seconds to spare!

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Now, whether or not M&M’S® will continue to be available for our snacking pleasure lies in your hands!

Grab your adrenaline-craving kakis and head straight for M&M’S® The Big Escape!

Address: Escape Room, Lot 2-01 (ii), 2nd Floor, eCurve Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours: 11.00 a.m. (first game) to 11.30 p.m. (last game)

Pricing: RM38.20 per person (RM33.90 if you go on weekdays before 5.00 p.m.)

Book your game here.

Make us proud!

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Better start flexin' those brain muscles!

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