These 'Baby Watermelons' Are The Size Of Your Thumb... And They're So Cute!


Cover image via China Daily & Gaia Organic Seeds

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You've seen 'baby' durians. But have you ever seen really teeny weeny 'watermelons'?

Image via China Daily

These adorable babies are known as cucamelons, or melothria scabra, and are about the size of your thumbprint or a grape!

Image via China Daily

On the outside, they look and feel like watermelons, but once you slice them open, they actually look and taste more like cucumbers — with a hint of sourness like a pickle.

Cucamelons are actually a type of cucumber native to Mexico and Central America

In that part of the world, they are also known as Mexican sour gherkins, mouse melons, or Sandita, which is a Spanish word that translates to 'little watermelon'.

They grow on vines, similar to watermelons, and are often plucked like grapes and used in salads as tiny pickles, or are chopped and used in salsa.

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Some even use them in cocktails

They're small, crunchy, and juicy, with all the same types of vitamins and antioxidants as cucumbers and melons. 

Cucamelons thrive best in warm, humid climates and are harvested when they are about one-inch in diameter.

They were recently spotted being sold in a supermarket in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China.

Image via China Daily
Image via China Daily

Did you know there's also such a thing as blue bananas that taste like ice cream?

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