These Socks Give You Pedicured Toes To Let People Think You Have Your Life Together

IDK which is worse: my ugly toenails or these socks.

Cover image via The Idea King (Facebook)

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Feeling broke and can't afford a pedicure? Or just lazy to go to the nail salon?

These socks may be your solution.

Say goodbye to chipped nail polish and let these nifty ankle hosiery make you look like you have your sh*t together... even if you don't

The illusion we didn't ask for but needed.

Each design comes with a pair of 'slippers', so it's as if you still put thought into your outfit even when you're indoors

There are multi-coloured toenails for when you're feeling fun and quirky and there are solid coloured pedicures with 'fancy' slipper designs.

Feeling cold? No one will be able to tell. Just put on a pair of these bad bois and your 'feet' will look ready for the beach.

All for the price of just RM3.50 a pair. What a steal.

You can get them on Lazada or Shopee.

These might also come in handy as an alternative to manicures:

If pedicure illusions aren't your thing: