11 Best Comments Overheard From People Who Were Probably On The MRT For The First Time

Some of them are quite cute.

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The new MRT routes are a hit! You might have already tried taking it for yourself.

A Look At MRT's Underground Stations

Have you tried it yet? :)

Posted by SAYS on Monday, 24 July 2017

The MRT now goes all the way from Sungai Buloh to Kajang through KL city centre. It has definitely make getting to the city easier for many people, what with the 50% fare discount that's going on till 31 August 2017.

Some of us have been taking the MRT to work almost everyday, and here are some of the things we've heard on the train:

1. "Wah now we can go to 1 Utama / Pavilion / MyTown everyday!"

FINALLY. No need to switch to Monorail or drive 24km from Cheras.

2. "Eh I can take MRT to Taman Pertama to see you now!"

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Most of the aunties say this.

3. "Air-cond is so cold."

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Especially true if you take the MRT in the morning.

4. "Ha? No driver? Safe or not?"

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Now that makes me think...

5. "OMG so high up..."

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Yeah, the elevated tracks are pretty high up.

6. "Aiyoh, so dark..."

7. "Feels like Singapore."

They got MRT, now we also got. :D

8. "So fast!"

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It takes an average of three minutes from one station to another.

9. "Nowadays people so lucky. Last time, where got train?"

Memang untunglah sekarang.

10. "All the young people should stand."

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This was actually said by a seven year old girl on a not-so crowded MRT. A lady got up to give her seat to the little girl. So, commuters are generally kind enough to give up their seats to the elderly, pregnant ladies, and ladies carrying young children.

Or else... the RapidKL Facebook admin will come after you.

11. "The toilets quite clean right?"

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We know right! So rare to see clean public toilets.

Do you take the MRT too? Share the other things you heard onboard with us in the comment section!

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