A Couple Hung A Baby Cradle In The MRT

Facebook user Nana Abd Rashid shared a photo of the incident yesterday, 24 July.

Cover image via Nana Abd Rashid

It has only been a week but Malaysians have witnessed various antics displayed by passengers on the newly launched MRT

From littering to letting children climb on the walls, the attitude of some MRT commuters and their behaviour have caused damage at a few MRT stations.

MRT Corp Strategic Communications and Stakeholder Relations director Najmuddin Abdullah has revealed that RM10,000 is needed to clean and repair these current vandalism damages.

Meanwhile, a woman took to social media yesterday, 24 July, and slammed a couple for hanging a baby cradle inside a moving train

Image via Nana Abd Rashid

Facebook user Nana Abd Rashid, shared photos of two incidents that happened on the MRT in her post - one of the photos shows a couple with a baby cradle that was attached to the travel handle, while the other photo depicts a child standing on a seat while holding onto a travel handle.

She criticised the parents for being neglectful and irresponsible as they were putting their children in great danger.

"It is the parents' responsibility to ensure the safety of a child. If there was emergency brake and if the child is thrown out, for sure this would go viral and (the parents would) blame MRT," she wrote in the post, adding that parents should keep an eye on their children.

"I urge all Malaysians to take care of public safety and property when using public transport."

Image via Nana Abd Rashid

Many netizens have criticised these passengers for being "uncivilised" and damaging public property

Most of them admitted that they were surprised at the couple's action to put their child in such a dangerous position, and suggested that perhaps the couple lacked the knowledge and education on such matters.

They also said that they hoped passengers would be more sensitive about the safety of other people when using public transport.

However, there were also those who blamed Nana for posting the incident on Facebook, accusing her of being an attention seeker who wanted to gain fame by posting something that will go viral.

Quite a number of people said that the couple depicted in the photo are not Malaysians

They had put the blame on foreigners in Malaysia, saying that they are the ones who are usually responsible for vandalising public property in the city and that Malaysians will never be "as bad" as this.

"Those who behave this way are usually foreigners. Malaysians will not behave like this. So shameful," one of the comments read.

Image via Facebook

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Acts of vandalism have destroyed some of the facilities at the MRT stations:

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