Malaysian Women Tell Us The Sexist Comments They Are Most Sick Of Hearing

Enough already!

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Women empowerment has certainly come a long way in recent years, but let's face it, us girls STILL have to put up with all kinds of annoying remarks from society

Our bodies, our life choices, and even what we wear, everyone just seems to have something or other to say about every single aspect of our lives. 

In collaboration with FashionValet, Malaysian celebrity stylist Min Luna is launching a brand-new clothing line, inspired by women empowerment. Aptly named 'Not Fragile', the collection is all about how we shouldn't let society's expectations and perceived notions hold us back from being our true selves.

Check out how the 'Not Fragile' collection is smashing stereotypes:

So in collaboration with FashionValet, we asked Malaysian women what's the one thing they're sick of society telling them. Here's what they had to say:

Note: These answers were submitted to us. We wrote out and photographed them on their behalf. Names have been changed for privacy.

1. "Women need to get married by 30"

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"Otherwise all the good men will be taken konon so you'll have to marry some loser or you'll end up forever alone 'cause no one wants to marry an old maid."

- Amelia, 32

2. "Girl, you so fat already! Need to lose weight!"

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"Said every aunty ever at every single family gathering. Y'all really got nothing else to comment on other than my weight?"

- Emily, 25

3. "Can you please dress more like a girl?"

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"Well then, can you please define 'like a girl' first? There's so much more to fashion than just stupid stereotypes."

- Lilian, 23

4. "Pakai tudung!"

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"Whether I chose to or not is none of your business."

- Farhanah, 24

5. "When are you gonna have kids? Better hurry up before your eggs all dry up!"

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"OMG this one is seriously damn insensitive, there's so many reasons why people may not be having kids. You don't know their situation so just BUTT. OUT."

- Felicia, 35

6. "Tudung tak cukup labuh"

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"Okay tell you what, next time I'll wear a tudung all the way down to my knees, jussstttt for you."

- Maria, 33

7. "Your clothes are too sexy and distracting! Can you please cover up?"

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"How about you learn to control your perverted thoughts instead? I dress for me, not for you, and I'm not going to stop wearing things that makes me feel great about myself!"

- Carmen, 28

8. "Women shouldn't be earning more than men"

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"Sighhhhh it's 2018 people! Can we stop with such backwards thoughts please? Everyone should get paid according to how capable they are, not according to gender."

- Andrea, 26

9. "Your tudung is too colourful, don't draw attention to yourself"

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"Excuse me for wanting to rock my favourite colour! So what, I'm supposed to just wear dull, boring colours and be a wallflower is it? No thanks!"

- Sheila, 17

10. "Women shouldn't work, they should just be housewives - they belong at home and in the kitchen"

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"Women don't 'belong' anywhere - we can and will do whatever we want!"

- Jasmine, 31

11. "What's the point of wearing tudung when I can still see your hair?"

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"Omg sometimes it just terlepas a bit k, jangan drama melebih boleh tak?"

- Amira, 20

Ladies, it's time we speak up for ourselves and silence all the naysayers that want to hold us back from showing our true selves

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And that's exactly what the Min Luna X FashionValet 'Not Fragile' collection aims to help you do!

'Not Fragile' is made to prove that women are strong, powerful, independent, and born to do great things

If you haven't already heard of her, it's time to start taking notice of Min Luna. She's a celebrity stylist who has worked with popular local stars like Scha Alyahya and Neelofa. As the first-ever Malaysian celebrity stylist to create a clothing line, she definitely knows how to find the right fit that flatters a woman’s body.

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In her collaboration with FashionValet, Min Luna will be bringing her signature bold and quirky style to the 'Not Fragile' collection, which consists of smart casual pieces and cool statement jackets. It screams women empowerment with statements like 'The Future Is Female' and 'Not Fragile' being incorporated into each and every item.

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Go on and rock something that shows the world you're not to be messed with!

Interested in picking up some pieces from the 'Not Fragile' collection? Click here to find out more.

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