If You Work In An Office, You'll Totally Relate To These 12 Typical Lunch Situations

"What do you want to makan?" "Anything also can!"

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Lunch time is THE best part of the working day, if we're all being real - and it's about to get even more awesome

There's an all-new fast and filling way to spice up your workday lunch! Find out more at the end of the story.

Here are just some of the familiar things that happen to all of us during our favourite part of the day:

1. Going out to makan with the gang is just not complete without an exciting round of "Where to eat?"

When all else fails, you can always count on the lat tali lat method.

2. When you find a place with amazing lunch sets

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3. When your colleagues want to try an atas place and you're focusing more on the prices in the menu than the actual dishes

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And so begins the intricate game of "What's the cheapest thing here that can last me until tea time?".

4. When your order gets mixed up and you're forever waiting for your food while everyone else is already eating

5. And when your food arrives after everyone's done eating...

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6. The best is when it starts to rain while you eat. You get a legit excuse not to go back to the office!

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7. Your face when your boss invites you to lunch and you can't exactly say no

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8. When you're roped in for a lunch meeting and can't follow your gang out for makan

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Looks like you're going to have to swap your al fresco lunch plans to al desko instead.

9. When you're eating in the pantry and overhear the latest office drama from the watercooler gossip gang

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You're coming back at tea time for the repeat broadcast for sure!

10. When you compare your packed lunch to your colleagues' and get a serious case of #lunchenvy

11. That moment when you're having a limp, cold sandwich and your cubicle neighbour offers you some of their warm and toasty lunch

Hot food > cold food, hands down!

12. You know that, at the end of the day, an awesome lunch is all it takes to make you happy!

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