If Malaysians Had #FreeInternetForLife, All Of These 10 Things Will Come True

Imagine a world where the data quota does not exist...

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1. Lunch breaks will take two hours instead of one

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An hour will barely be enough time to catch up on your news feeds, reply to all your group chats, and snap a VSCO Cam-ed shot of your lunch! And then there's coming up with a witty-reflective caption for Instagram... It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!

2. Waiters won't have to repeat their WiFi password 475 times a day

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Hurrah for baristas too! They will no longer need to subtly side-eye those visitors in the corner (who survive the whole day in the cafe on the cheapest drink on the menu) and can now resume to be the sweet human beings they actually are.

3. Nobody will bat an eyelid over that 90MB mobile attachment

Giant attachments ain't got nothing on you! Just hit download and read through that urgent Powerpoint deck when you're on the go.

4. Smartphones will get seriously HUGE

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Because how else will you comfortably binge-watch Game of Thrones for the fifth time?

5. You will no longer curse the person sucking up the bandwith at home or in the office

Not depending on the WiFi also means no more fiddling with the temperamental router when the Internet is down, especially if your knowledge of fixing the router extends to switching it off and on, and hoping for the best.

6. There will be even more WhatsApp spam from relatives, high school friends, long-lost lovers, MLM agents, and the list goes on...

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Be prepared for an avalanche of invites to "business sharing sessions" from acquaintances you haven't properly met in almost a decade. Also, standby to receive an endless stream of random chain texts from your well-meaning aunties.

7. Video calls will be the favourite catching-up option

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Video calls are like a phone call and a mamak session combined! You get to see the full range of emotions from your best friend as she recounts her Tinder date, all while snuggled comfortably in your fading sweatpants.

8. You can't FFK your buddies anymore

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No more excuses for being flaky! That template response, "Oh, is that today? Didn't see your text earlier, my data was switched off," will no longer fly.

9. Your kids won't believe you when you say you can't re-load that YouTube video

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Before you even say "buffering", you already know they're too slick to believe it. Youtube is their playground, don't even try.

10. Your GPS and map apps won't leave you stranded at unfamiliar, dodgy places

It will be the end of those pesky "No Network Connection" pop-ups! Unleash the powers of your limitless data and traverse the most random of KL streets with peace of mind.

What if we told you there's no need to imagine a world with unlimited data forever? Yep, it's for real!