Cruising Alone At Night & 15 Other Things You'll Only Get If You Really Love Driving

Are you the kind of person who looks forward to spending hours on the road? Then this is for you!

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1. You really really sayang your car

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You love it, care for it, keep it clean and happy... because it's truly an extension of you.

2. It's the one place where you are totally in control

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The car air-cond, the music playlist, the speed, the route... you're in charge.

3. Convoying with your friends along the highway is the best feeling in the world

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4. There's nothing better than long stretches of road ahead and no map to guide you

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5. You're super pro at stocking up on road trip snacks

6. You take the time to plan out your big weekend road trips

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7. Driving is your getaway from work and obligations, it's as if your car is your partner in crime

8. Other people give you a confused look when you tell them you actually drive for fun

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Uhh... because it's the best feeling ever?

9. But if there's a road trip, you're automatically the designated driver

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10. You know the best places to stop en route for food

11. You love blasting your favourite music with your favourite people

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12. Sometimes you just feel like cruising around at night to clear your head

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13. There are times when you drive so you don't have to think about anything...

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14. Then there are times when you drive so that you can think about EVERYTHING

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15. Your heart hurts when petrol prices go up

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16. At the end of the day, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey

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