7 Awesome Road Trips Every Malaysian Should Do For Once In Their Life

Seriously must-do.

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The best kinds of road trips are ones filled with adventure, great friends, and free of worry

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After you've jio-ed your friends, it's time to embark on one of these awesome road trips around Malaysia:

1. For a quick getaway out of the city: KL - Bukit Tinggi

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Only got time for a day trip? Head up to Bukit Tinggi, now known as Berjaya Hills! In less than an hour you'll be transported away from the hustle and bustle of KL life into Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed village modelled after the ones in the Alsace region in France. 

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But that's not all! You can hop on the free shuttle bus at Colmar Tropicale to head to the Japanese-themed village nearby, where you'll find a beautiful Japanese Garden and Botanical Garden. There's even an Adventure Park there for adrenaline junkies.

Distance: 56.4km

2. For a massive foodie trip: Alor Setar - Georgetown - Batu Ferringhi

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Who doesn't wanna spend a weekend eating their way through Penang's famous hawker food? Get your fill of char kuey teow at Lorong Selamat, Mei Le Hwa Restaurant, or Kimberley Street, then cool off with cendol at Lebuh Keng Kwee. 

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Don't forget to visit the historic Clan Jetties, Camera Museum, and 3D Trick Art Museum for some entertainment and Instagram shots! Otherwise, head to the beach at Batu Feringghi to chill; and visit the daily Night Market for some shopping as well as more food!

Distance: 118km

3. For a tour of the countryside: PJ - Sekinchan - Kuala Selangor

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Take a short drive from PJ to the paddy fields of Sekinchan. Come between March and April for a soothing green view of the fields; or in December for a breathtaking golden scenery. There's a Paddy Processing Factory and Museum nearby too if you want to learn more about the rice-planting process.

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There are many restaurants around that serve great seafood: like oysters with lime and chilli, steamed crabs, and clams with noodles. After that, end the day with another short drive to Kuala Selangor to catch the fireflies in action.

Distance: 92.5km

4. For a coffee trail: Penang - Ipoh

Who hasn't heard of the famous Ipoh white coffee? It's even named as one of the top three coffee towns in Asia by Lonely Planet! A two-hour drive away from Penang is Ipoh Old Town, where you can find the famous white coffee in any kopitiam. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy your coffee with some hot kaya toast. 

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Situated within Ipoh is Qing Xin Ling, a park with huge limestone cliffs, a lake, and even some caves that you can explore. It's also styled as a Cultural Village, so you can see how homes and shops used to look like back in the 70s or 60s. Nature lovers can go for a short hike up one of the limestone hills too. 

Distance: 166km

5. For a historical trip: JB - Melaka

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You can never get tired of the historical monuments located in the heart of Melaka. Climb up St Paul's Hill for the best view of the city, and visit the oldest church in the country right on top of the hill. Then slowly make your way down to the A Famosa gate house, one of the oldest pieces of European architecture still standing in Southeast Asia. 

Head to Pantai Klebang for the popular sand dunes, which makes the place look like Morocco or Mongolia. You can even go sand-surfing there! Don't forget to try the famous Klebang Original Coconut Shake before you leave. 

Distance: 214km

6. For theme park lovers: Muar - JB

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If you like theme parks, then a trip to JB is definitely needed. LEGOLAND is great for families, with many child-friendly rides and even a Miniland of world monuments built entirely from LEGO bricks. To escape the heat, head to the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park and challenge yourself with all the exciting rides and rope courses. 

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Pay a visit to one of the many cafés around the Tan Hiok Nee Heritage Street area. One of the most popular ones is IT Roo Café, known for their chicken chop; as well as Chaiwalla & Co. Container Café, known for their Thai Milk Tea. 

Distance: 169km

7. For some fresh mountain air: KK - Kundasang

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Just two hours away from KK city centre is Kundasang, a little town in Ranau where you can escape the busy city life. Drive up to the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm for its New Zealand-ish landscape, and stay for its delicious ice cream made from the farm's own cow's milk. 

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While you're there, drop by the Kundasang War Memorial to visit their beautiful gardens. The memorial was built to remember servicemen and locals who died during World War II. There are four gardens in the compound: one dedicated to the Australians, one for the English, one Borneo Garden, and one Contemplation Garden. 

Distance: 92.1km

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